Record Wins On Playtech

Playtech is one of the largest online gaming software suppliers worldwide. Founded in 1999, Playtech has seen its fair share of big winners, with a number of players winning as much as 4 million pounds on the Playtech lottery. As of September 2017, the company had £50 million waiting to be won across its network of jackpot slot games.

Potential Record Wins On Playtech

Many of the record wins on Playtech slots are also regarded as some of the largest wins in the online gaming world, thus showing the influence Playtech has on the Industry. Progressive jackpot slots are always a firm favourite with those looking to win big. The more money played on a particular progressive Playtech game, the larger the jackpot will grow.

One of the record wins on Playtech slots

In the picture above, an anonymous librarian earned £4.5 million, from a casino bet of £4. This is a Playtech record only dwarfed by a £6.2 million win in 2012 on another of their progressive jackpot games. According to the Playtech website, the company achieved a record average of 20,850 monthly winners across its 70 progressive games.

More About Playtech’s Games

Playtech’s progressive jackpots are becoming more and more attractive to players looking for gigantic wins. However, they also provide a huge range of other products in their online casinos. With over 200 great video slots, they are known for their designs and simple graphics. Players looking for a change can also find table games, sports betting, Poker, lottery and bingo to enjoy.

Play For Record Wins

Wins are never a guarantee when playing slots and you could spend an entire lifetime gaming and still not win that life-changing jackpot. Slots are completely random, however, the draw of winning a progressive jackpot payout is sometimes too exciting to ignore. Playtech’s state of the art slots also pay out well in the base games too and have good RTP (return to player) percentages. You can even try them out completely for free.